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Shelf life of battery

The battery shelf life is promised to buyers, refers to the customer receiving began, the sales side can provide warranty. The battery storage life refers to the battery storage time under specified conditions of storage period, in the end, the batter… ......[Click to view]

Battery storage

1. Storage areas should be clean, cool, dry, ventilated and not affected by climate2. The normal storage, temperature should be between +10 to +25 DEG C, must not be more than +30 DEG C. Should avoid long time in extreme humidity (relative humidity is… ......[Click to view]

How to choose the battery

How to choose battery is very important for customer,below is just for reference ......[Click to view]

Effect of temperature on 23A27A battery discharge

23A/27A series battery belongs to alkaline manganese battery chemistry system. The positive electrode active material for electrolytic manganese dioxide, a negative electrode active material for zinc, the electrolyte is an aqueous solution of potassiu… ......[Click to view]

Important safety tips

1. Use the "+" and "-" poles of the battery to set up use.2. Do not mix different batteries together. For example, one should not mix alkaline with carbon batteries.3. Do not place batteries next to metallic objects e.g keys, coins… ......[Click to view]

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